Caring for your Outdoor Furniture

Caring for your Outdoor Furniture

To keep your outdoor furniture looking great it’s important to keep it clean, this will help to combat mould or mildew.  Simply wipe down with clean water and a soft cloth. A lot of outdoor furniture is stained and some of that stain or tannin will often release on to fabrics, particularly in the first few months after purchase.


For timbers to last out of doors and withstand the elements, usually a timber will be chosen with a higher oil content. These timbers will grey and fade over time, sanding and re-oiling will help bring your timber furniture back to life.

Kwila is especially high in oil, this will protect the timber longer from splitting and cracking. Due to its high level of natural oil it will bleed or 'leach' out the excess oil which can stain concrete and tiled areas.

We recommend that you accelerate the 'leeching' process by placing your Kwila furniture on a grassed area and saturating it with a hose or sprinkler. Let the surface dry and repeat the process 6 or so times.


Synthetic outdoor furniture is often treated to withstand fading and cracking. Keep dirt build up at bay by regularly cleaning with clean or soapy water and a cotton cloth or soft brush. Avoid abrasive cleaners or hard scrubbing as this can damage the surface.

Cushions should be kept under cover or inside to prevent mould build up or colour fading.

By following a simple cleaning regime your furniture should remain looking beautiful for longer.